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I saw Mark timthumbwith the goal of losing some weight and toning up for my wedding. I reached my target weight and a kilo less which I was not complaining about by all means! He is professional, fun, a great motivator and most importantly he delivers results. If you’re up for it, he will help you get to where you want to be in no time at all. – Giselle Conn



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Since I’ve been working with Mark I’ve seen my fitness level go up and my weight go down. I set some personal goals at the start of the year, and Mark’s helped me achieve some of them already, and make goodinroads on the rest. He’s always smiling when I see him and his enthusiasm for working out is contagious. No matter how tough the week’s been I know that I’ll feel better, although exhausted, after he’s put me through a workout.

During my first session he found out what I wanted to achieve and has structured a varied and interesting program around that. We revisit exercises often enough that I’m comfortable using them when I’m on my own, but not so often that I get bored of them, and every now and then we do something completely different to really shock the muscles and spur new growth.

I’d happily recommend Mark to anyone who wants a Personal Trainer. Whatever your goals are, he’ll make you believe that they’re achievable, and then he’ll help you get there! – Greg Bennett

timthumbI would not have the physique im proud of today if it wasn’t for mark, when he was there for me, training was twice as intense whilst just as enjoyable. He’s helped me reach my goals, and made the journey along the way fun, a good laugh, and a reward in itself. – Matt Austin




timthumb (1)I selected Mark to be my personal fitness coach earlier this year and have now completed over 20 PT sessions with him. Mark is highly knowledgeable and has a positive, encouraging coaching style. He adapts his portfolio of PT skills to suit individual coaching needs. I have been very pleased with the results of my training and enthusiastically endorse him, to others, as a first-class PT coach. – Jo Bond



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